My darling beloved husband bought me an outfit one day that came with a single armband.  Or its possible he bought the armband to go with the outfit he had found, but either way I had this beautiful armband which I absolutely loved… for only one arm.  Every time I wore it I felt terribly unbalanced and longed for another to match it.  But no matter where I looked everyone sold them as a single piece so I had to buy two of them if I wanted to feel balanced again.

Irritated me.  Why should I have to buy two? Why couldnt I get them as sets? (and again with the penny pinching – leave off already – lol).

So I made my own.  As sets. )

Then Celebrity Trollop came along one day and suggested that I should include ear rings and a choker with them to make it a full set.  So the full set version is coming….along with the pictures of what I have already done, oh and of course xmas.  Although there’s a reasonably good chance the pictures will arrive before Santa (I hope!) the full sets may just take a little longer than that.


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