May 29, 2010

Wow two posts in one day!

Posted in Home & Garden, Skyboxes at 7:29 pm by Catt

Thats definitely a record – lol.  I have been busy today and you reap the benefits!  I’ve had the cottage finished for some time and just havent had the chance to box it all up for sale but its ready now.  This beautiful cottage has a 33 x 17 foot print and uses 83 prims – 44 prims in the cottage itself and 39 in the garden.

Outside features include

  • animated bird bath
  • pergola
  • rose covered lattice

Inside features include
central controller for –

  • fireplace on/off
  • window shutters open/close
  • 2 wall colour options

It is only available on xStreetSL as a package including the cottage and garden ($L850) but you can get it at my store as just the cottage without the garden ($L500).  If you purchased the cottage a few weeks ago as a part of the 60L weekend sale I have also put out the garden alone to purchase ($L350).


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